Tuesday 9 July 2024

07/07/24 - Tunnel Barn Farm - Top Pool

Weight - 108lb 14oz
Catch - 81 F1s, 8 Carp, 2 Perch, 1 Skimmer
Weather - Sunny, heavy rain shower later.
Match - Tackle Den (21 fished) - 3rd overall, 1st in section.

I’ve been looking forward to this match as I have enjoyed my previous visits to Tunnel Barn. Today we were on Top Pool and I was a little disappointed to draw p19 at the narrow end of the lake with the wind blowing down the other end of the lake.

Plumbing up revealed the lake was a little deeper than I expected, and the margins were 3ft deep.

I started on a pea size piece of Uzit GLM paste at 2+2 and soon realised there were quite a few small F1s in the swim. After 30mins as I couldn’t catch any quality fish I switched to my right margin on a top kit where I had been feeding meat and caught some bigger F1s amongst the smaller ones.

In the meantime, I had prepped a shallow caster line at 14m by a small island. I caught a few on a conventional shallow rig, but soon swapped to an overshotted rig and had a really good 45min spell when I had some ripple. However, when the swim went flat calm a jigger rig kept me in touch with the fish, before the swim faded. A further switch back to the overshotted rig pushed under the overhanging reeds kept me going, but it was hard going. Although I could catch the occasional 2lb F1, most of the fish were 12oz to 1lb.

To give the swim a rest I also caught a few fish at 6m shallow down the left margin.

With 2hrs remaining the weather turned cold and very windy as a heavy rain shower passed through. When it stopped, I couldn’t catch anything shallow and was struggling.

To make something happen, I decided to drop a big ball of micros down my left margin on a top kit plus 1 and caught really well including an 8-9lb carp on paste. In the last hour I simply alternated between the paste down the left margin and meat in the right margin.

In the end an enjoyable day’s fishing and picking up a couple of bonus carp proved vital as they allowed me to claim 3
rd place, which I was pleased with particularly from my peg as the top 2 came from the other end of the lake.

1.    139-13 – Jason Crump – p3
2.    112-13 – John Pearce – p1
3.    108-14 – Ken Rayner – p19
4.    101-13 – Ian Barker – p13
5.      92-  8 – Dan Barnett – p27

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