Sunday 7 April 2024

06/04/24 - Ivy House - Old Match Lake

Weight - 39lb 10oz (12lb 4oz - silvers)
Catch - 4 Carp, 7 F1s, 18 Skimmers, 5 Roach
Weather - Mild, mostly cloudy and windy.
Match - Open (9 fished) - 3rd overall

It’s been a few months since I fished the Old Match Lake and in that time Andy has stocked a lot of small F1s into the lake which will add a different dimension to the matches.

With storm Kathleen due to blow through today I had mixed feelings about drawing p3, as its not the best peg, but it was sheltered from the worst of the wind. Due to the forecast wind I decided not to fish any longer than 13m, feeding a nugget of Uzit Crushed Expander and Black Bubblegum mixed 50:50, with fishery micros flavoured with P-nut cloud at 13m and 6m.

Starting on the straight lead and pellet cone, didn’t produce a bite either on pellet or corn after 45mins.

A switch to the 13m line fishing a 4mm expander, toss potting a tiny nugget of micros and groundbait started to produce regular bites from skimmers and F1s, plus a 4lb carp.

The wind was becoming more troublesome during the middle part of the match and I switched from a HB Frostie 0.3g rig to a SM Chimp 0.4g to catch a few more skimmers on dead maggot, but presentation still wasn’t great.

Back to the straight lead which produced 3 bites on 6mm expander. A carp hooked in the cheek, which I lost at the net, another I lost after 5 seconds and a small F1 which I successfully netted!

So far, I had kept the short line topped with nuggets of micros and groundbait, and when I switched, I was immediately rewarded with a skimmer and 9lb carp. I had also been feeding micros and groundbait a metre off the right-hand margin, catching more skimmers on 6mm expanders and ended up alternating between here and the short line.

As we came into the last hour, I had 2 carp from the right margin. As for the left margin I had fed it with corn and 4mm pellet, but so far hadn’t tried it as I had been catching short and down my right margin. With 30mins remaining I decided to just big pot it with corn and micros, and see what happens. I hooked 2 carp and lost them both, one was definitely foul hooked and the other I lost at the net as the fish was only lightly hooked.

A frustrating match, as I missed out on 2nd by 8oz. Losing the carp was frustrating, but I pulled out of a couple of skimmers using too heavy an elastic at the start and only have myself to blame.

That aside it was nice to have a few bites and a few things learnt for next weekend.

1.    58-10 – Phil Godding – p7
2.    40-  2 – Lee Seward – p18
3.    39-10 – Ken Rayner – p3
1.    27-  8 – Neil Richards – p1

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