Monday 27 November 2023

25/11/23 - Todber Manor - Hillview

Weight - 253lb 0oz
Catch - 78 Carp
Weather - Hard overnight frost. Bright, sunny and flat
Match - Open (28 fished) - 13th overall

Only the one match this weekend. I settled on Todber’s open, which Mark Poppleton had organised and pay-outs would be based on sections only. As a result, 30 had booked in over Hillview and Ash (although 2 dropped out) and it would also serve a practice for next weeks Christmas match.

I was happy enough with p54 and following the first hard frost of the year, combined with bright flat conditions I was expecting it to be hard going, targeting 150-200lb as a winning weight.

As I didn’t expect to catch short, I started on the lead and bread, but after 5mins p49 already had 2 carp in the net by fishing short and other anglers were also catching in the same way!

I soon switched to fishing at 13m tapping in 4mm Uzit p-nut pellets, pinging pellet over the top. Due to the conditions, I expected those that started short to only catch a few fish before having to move out longer.

As it happened those fishing short kept catching and I probably stayed on the 13m line too long, however after 45mins I started catching at a better rate than those around me so decided to stick at 13m (still hoping those catching short would soon stop), with corn being better than pellet, until the line slowed up at the end of the 2nd hour.

The remaining 3hrs I spent down each margin, starting down the left on 6mm meat soaked with Uzit bubblegum yellow dye and then double corn over 2mm Uzit p-nut pellets to my right.

In the last 2 hours I probably had 120/130lb and felt I had caught up with those around me, although I could see anglers further down the lake catching much better. I had beaten all the pegs opposite on the spit and peg 55 beat me by a pound, however all the better weights were further down the lake.

It was ridiculous how well the lake fished and in hindsight I should have fished shorter and probably caught 300lb. It will be interesting to see whether it will fish this well next week as a cold week is forecast with the prospect of sleet later in the week.

1.   547-  0 – Perry Stone – p48
2.    512-14 – Pemb Wrighting – p60
3.    448-  4 – Adam Burrow – p42
4.    428-  2 – Rob McCann – p47
5.    388-  4 – Greg Welsby – p34

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