Monday 12 February 2024

11/02/24 - Harescombe - Meadow Lake

Weight - 4lb 12oz
Catch - 1 Carp, 16 Roach
Weather - Bright start, cloudy and cool later
Match - Teams of 3 (36 anglers) - 10th out of 12 in section

Today was the 2nd round of the Teams of 3, having missed the first round due to the re-arranged last round of the Ivy House Winter League. I had selected to fish Meadow Lake, whilst Jason Crump would be on Field and Laurie Laing on Match Lake.

After Friday’s practice match, I was looking forward to returning, although with 12 on the lake, it was always going to be tricky, however the draw put me on p9, the same peg Laurie blanked from in the first round and a poor area of the lake.

Fortunately, the recent rain had coloured up the lake, so it wasn’t as clear as Friday and I was hopeful of at least catching to avoid a blank. As the priority was to at least catch I set up a 0.4g chimp with .10 bottom and 5 elastic to fish at 13m over a 50:50 mix of U-Zit Black Bubblegum and crushed expander with a few 2mm p-nut micros.

On the all-in I tried the lead and meat cast ¾ across to the far bank, but with no indications after 25mins, I switched to the 13m line and soon caught small roach on single maggot. I tried expander and double maggot to improve the quality of fish, but couldn’t catch anything other than roach.

After 2hrs, I had noticed most anglers had at least 1 carp and since I couldn’t catch anything other roach, I needed a carp of my own.

I had been pinging corn and 4mm p-nut pellet ¾ across towards the far bank and did catch a 3lber on double corn, which sadly was smaller than the average stamp.

I also feed meat at 3+2 hoping the carp would turn up late like they did on Friday.

I also tried the margin, initially with maggot just hoping to a get a bite without success and soon switched to feeding meat again without success. The angler to my right on the end peg had netted a couple of carp along the end bank and there were a few carp showing themselves, but they weren’t straying far from the end bank. So, with an hour to go, I tried to force the peg, big potting groundbait, corn and micros down the margin, I also catapulted several pouches of 4mm pellet across the lead line.

As for the meat I just kept trickling in the meat over the short line, but never had a bite from anywhere.

The top 3 weights came off the dam wall end and the angler to my right came 4th 31lb (4 carp). As for me I only beat the 2 anglers immediately to my left and had my carp been 1.5lb heavier I could have gained another 2 spaces, but in reality, I was up against it.

1.    74-  9 – Luke Seabrook – P3 Meadow
2.    51-  5 – Andrew Black – p10 Field
3.    50-10 – CJ – P4 Meadow
4.    44-  5 – Ricky Mills – P9 Field
5.    43-  0 – Allan Oram – p2 Meadow
6.    42-  8 – Cliff Dutton – p11 Field

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