Sunday, 16 April 2017

15/04/17 - Viaduct - Campbell

Weight - 142lb 11oz (19lb 2oz - silvers)
Catch - 21 Carp, 11 Skimmers, 5 Tench, 1 Perch
Weather - Sunny, but cool wind
Match - Open - 8th out of 45

Since buying my new Colmic F66 pole, I haven't had the chance to really test it, so fancied a day at viaduct. With 45 anglers booked in, we had Campbell, Cary and 2 banks of Lodge. Everyone wanted Campbell since it's fishing the best at the moment and I was pleased with p128 on the left hand side of the spit. At least I was in the right area with 138lb coming off the peg yesterday.

The breeze which soon changed to a wind was mostly blowing off my right shoulder, which meant plenty of flat water in front of me, thanks to spit protecting me from the worst, but couldn't help think having some ripple would be beneficial.

A very simple bait tray today, 6mm meat, plus a few 8s with a splash of Marukyu Liquid Krill and 6mm Amino+ pellets and some 8s if required.

On the all, some pellet was deposited at 14m and I started at 6m on the meat. After 30 mins I had 2 carp, but a further 15mins later added a skimmer. A switch to the 14m line were I had been pinging 6s and I soon caught a couple more skimmers and a tench on banded 6mm pellet, before landing an 11lber and then a 5lber. I had also been pinging meat to the spit and first drop in resulted in a tench, but it was slow and no carp.

2hrs in and I was level with Chris Davis on p127, but that changed when he decided to fish the straight the lead. I didn't follow, mainly because I wanted to catch on the pole and in hindsight that was a mistake. Instead I stuck with the long pellet line and caught a few more skimmers and a couple of carp, but moving into the 3rd hour that line was fading.

The 3rd hour proved to be a bit of struggle and I relented trying the lead, initially without success, but then had 2 quick fish, but felt I had switched too late. My long pellet line was now only producing small skimmers and a try shallow didn't produce either, so decided to abandon this line hoping my short meat line and the spit swim would come to life.

The spit proved to be best, by fishing 8mm meat and feeding 6s, catching mostly carp with a couple more tench and a big perch. My short meat line was real disappointment, with only a couple of fish coming from it, but overall felt I was in for a strong finish.

With an hour to go the wheels fell off a little. I was on 19 carp and thought about grabbing my 4th net once I landed my 20th. 5 lost fish later (1 bust me on the straight lead, because I was trying to bully it too much, 1 found the sanctuary of the brambles to my right and the hook pulled out of an 8lber at the net) I eventually put the 4th net in, but was only able to add 1 fish to it.

A really frustrating last hour. In hindsight had I switched to the lead earlier and landed those lost fish, bearing in mind I had only lost 1 carp in the previous 5hrs I should have had a 180lb+. That said it was nice to put together a weight of carp and I was lucky enough to pick up the section money by double default, thanks to a couple of anglers going over their net limits. Thanks Emma.

As for the pole, I have so much more confidence in it following today. Some of the fish hooked by the spit dived back towards the nearside brambles and the pole took on an alarming bend, but there no creaking or groaning. I was very impressed. I know there are some die hard Diawa fans out there, but genuinely if you want a strong, yet stiff pole take a look at the F66.

1. 206- 3 - Chris Davis (Yate) - p127
2. 190-10 - Jack Billet (Viadcut) - p129
3. 180- 8 - Jake Froggatt - p111
4. 174- 1 - Kieran Bailey - p110
5. 156-13 - Chris Davies - p116
6. 151- 7 - Roy Worth (Viaduct) - p80
1. 40-12 - Sam Powell (Preston) - p88
2. 35-12 - Steve Jackson (Viaduct) - p69
3. 30- 4 - Nigel Easton (Viaduct) - p64
4. 25- 4 - Dave White (Viaduct) - p131
5. 22- 2 - Nigel Bartlett (Sensas) - p102
6. 19- 2 - Ken Rayner (Colmic/Marukyu) - p128

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